Orange roses

  • babeBabe

    Babe is a spray rose with dimensions of 40-80 cm stem length, and 2.5×2 bud size. Its grown at Molo River Roses Ltd.

  • tropical-amazonTropical Amazon

    It is a regular rose grown at the Maji Mazuri Flowers Ltd and Molo River Roses Ltd. Its dimensions are 40-70 cm in stem length, and 4×3 in bud size.

  • mariyoMariyo

    The Mariyo is a special premium rose, grown at both the Winchester Farm Kenya Ltd and the Maji Mazuri Flowers Ltd. The Winchester Farm Mariyo has a head size of 5×3, and a stem length of 40-70 cm. The Maji Mazuri Mariyo comes with a head size of 4×3 and a stem length that varies between 35-70 cm.