The Farms History and Information



Winchester Farm Ltd

  • Pioneer Farm started in 1992
  • Situated in Karen
  • Altitude of the farm is 1830 m Above sea level
  • 9 Ha under rose production and 1 Ha propagation unit
  • Varieties grown: Mariyo!, Deep water, Jumilia, Bellerose, Taiga, Madam Red and Ice Breaker.


Maji Mazuri Flowers Ltd

  • Started in 2002
  • Located 50kms west of Eldoret
  • Altitude of the farm is 1950m Above sea level
  • 30 Ha under rose production
  • Varieties grown: Mariyo! , Tacazzi, Florida, Red Ribbon, Catch, Jumilia, Red Naomi, Montecarlo, Opus, Red Horizon, Soduku, Prima Ballerina, Furiosa, Sonrissa, Tropical Amazone, Athena, Taiga, Moonwalk.


Molo River Roses Ltd

  • Newest farm that was started in 2012
  • Situated in Kenya’s Rift valley 30 kms Northwest of lake Nakuru
  • Altitude of the farm is 1750m Above sea level with a distance of 5 kms from the Equator hence year round sunshine for optimal flower production
  • 17.5 Ha under rose production
  • Varieties grown: Candle Light, Good Times, Hot Blood, Deep Water, Burgundy, Athena, Furiosa, Babe, Snow Flakes, Fire Works, Moonwalk, Aqua, Mirabel, Yellow babe, Nathalie and Reflex.