Why Mzurrie Flowers



  • At Mzurrie we embrace Total Quality Management Practices. We are committed to understanding our customer needs and endeavoring to satisfy these needs to the best of our ability.
  • Our Roses are of superior quality in terms of head size and vase life. We have a vase life of 11 – 14 days for most of our Roses. We have also adopted integrated pest management practices to ensure economical means of pest management with least effect on people, property and environment around us.
  • At Mzurrie Flowers we have wide range of products with a well balanced colour range giving the customer a one stop shop for all their colour requirements.
  • Timeliness in our service to our customers is one of the area we take very seriously to ensure the customer gets timely information on their orders and their enquiries. We also ensure shipment documents and packing lists are ready and sent to our customers on time.
  • We are an innovative organization with an eye of meeting our promise of superior quality to our customers. We have embraced modern growing techniques including use of light screens to control radiation at one of our farms, use of misters to control humidity, use of banana transport system to reduce on damages on the Roses among other innovations.
  • We are sensitive to our environment in all aspects of our operations and have integrated with the surrounding communities to foster development in the neighborhood through various corporate social responsibility programmes.
  • Our pricing is competitive and friendly in the market.
  • We are certified by different certification bodies a sign that we have good practices in all fields of the floriculture business. Some of the certifications include Kenya Flower Council, Fair Trade, and Several categories of MPS among others.
  • Our Staff is committed to quality service and products to wholesomely meet and satisfy our customer’s needs.